In my practice for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and problems with achieving an erection I use Cenforce in a dosage of 100 mg is the starting dosage for initiating therapy. The average therapeutic dose is 50 mg and is applied on demand.



Cenforce is an excellent preparation for restoring erectile function. Fast action. Convenient frequency of reception (once a day). Affordable price in comparison with analogues.



The ideal scheme for taking Cenforce tablets (25 mg) once a day (in case of prolonged use). I want to note, it is very beneficial for patients, the effect is observed on 2-3 reception. After the course is saved for a long time. Do not forget to carry out the diagnosis (ultrasound of the vessels of the penis) to clarify the nature of the disease, in order to assess the appropriateness of taking this group of drugs.


The drug Cenforce really works fine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Price / quality – at a decent level!


It is very necessary to select a dose, with regular use Cenforce to reduce to therapeutic, otherwise tachycardia, sensation of “bursting” in the face, headache – have a place, but are temporary and do not require treatment.


In patients of young age with somatoform and psychogenic-functional disorders, I appoint Cenforce tablets per day from 100 mg. In the period of the planned sexual life. Strictly in agreement with the doctor! It is dangerous to take without prescribing a doctor!


Cenforce – An excellent drug for improving erection, which is important, is a good alternative to expensive drugs of the same group of foreign manufacturers. Assign to a long reception, which allows you to relieve nervous stress to a man who must calculate the time of taking the pill on demand. It is effective in small doses for psychogenic ed in young patients.


Tablets “Cenforce” quickly restore the functioning of the reproductive system – increase the erection, strengthen the blood vessels of the penis, normalize the patient’s psycho-emotional state, improve physical endurance during sex, increase sexual arousal, increase the amount of hormones, and lead to increased blood levels in the genital Bodies.


I decided to try this drug, because problems with erection started, I think because of fatigue, I have been working since six in the morning for more than two and a half years. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and duration of the action, the wife is delighted, I – especially from side effects – red face and a small noise in my ears, and just fire!


I almost never had problems with erection, but I could not call myself a superman in bed (as, probably, most of our men). Sex was limited to single, not very long contacts. I did not feel any particular concern about this, while my girlfriend was passing by, very gently, but with irony did not note this fact. There was vexation and some resentment. I started to be interested in the Internet about the solution of the problem, I wanted to become more “capable” as soon as possible. I found out that the fastest option is to take a stimulant. At the price Sildenafil SZ approached, drank, and rushed … Of course, I try to eat normally, do exercises, etc., but this is for the general condition, and when I want to show myself a giant in bed, I drink 25 mg of sildenafil the northern star, if There are no health problems, then a larger dose is not necessary, it is enough for sex several times, with each act lasting much longer.


Cenforce Excellent medicine – I drank it for six months, when the erection decreased (it happened on the nerves) and the erection was insignificant and not resistant, with the slightest thoughts and hindrances, everything went downright downright. I went to the doctor, he appointed him, later all the functions were normalized, but I think I will have to use it again with age, because my father had such problems.