Buy Cenforce 100mg

Buy Cenforce 100mg

Indian Brand Name: Cenforce
US Brand Name: Viagra
Generic Name: Sildenafil Citrate
Color: Blue
Marketed by: Centurion Laboratories
Dosage Form: 100mg tablets
Packaging: 10 X 10T


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This drug for pharmacological action is an exact copy of Viagra, because it uses the same active substance – Sildenafil. And, nevertheless, it can not be called generic Viagra. Cenforce 100 side effects is an independent development of the Indian company.

Buy Cenforce 100mg

The drug Cenforce 100 is shown to men with erectile dysfunction. It can also be used to increase your sexual abilities (for example, to surprise and conquer a woman).

Cenforce 100 side effectsCenforce 100 reviews

The drug includes active ingredient Sildenafil in an amount of 100 mg. Its effectiveness has been tested by numerous and many years of research and testing. The essence of the action is in accelerating the production of nitric oxide in the penis, which then intensifies the blood circulation around the small pelvis, thus causing a powerful erection.

A modern generic drug for improving erection. Is a competitor to Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. To date, it is considered the fastest in action.

Cenforce 50mg reviews* We send Cenforce 100 tablets in fully sealed packaging
Cenforce 100 price
Buy Cenforce 100mg
We have already said that Cenforce 100 on pharmacological action is absolutely identical to Viagra, therefore the positive qualities of the latter are applicable to it:
• high efficiency in eliminating erectile dysfunction even in severe degree;
• duration of exposure – an erection can last 4-6 hours.
And in comparison with Viagra, Cenforce 100 significantly wins in price.
Recommendations for the application of Cenforce 100 dosage

The drug is a tablet, each contains 100 mg of sildenafil. Take 40-60 minutes before coition, with a small amount of water.
You can take half of the tablet (it has a special groove, so it was convenient to divide it). And it is recommended to begin with exactly half the tablet, then the dose can be increased. For men 65 years and above, a dose of 50 mg / day is not recommended. For the rest – not more than 100 mg / day.

Cenforce reviews• Individual intolerance to sildenafil;
• problems with the cardiovascular system, in which increased physical activity is prohibited;
• simultaneous intake with nitrate / nitrite based drugs;
• increased blood pressure (from 170/100) / lower (less than 80/50);
• deformation of the penis.
Side effects:

• slight dizziness;
• increase / decrease of pressure;
• Redness of the face;
• nose bleed;
• nausea, vomiting.
Buy Cenforce 100 in our pharmacy online – advantages

To order Cenforce 100 from us means effective, for a small price, to solve the problem with insufficient erection. We guarantee:
• one of the lowest prices;
• only certified drugs;


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