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Cenforce D 100/160mg Tablets

Cenforce vs viagraTablets based on sildenafil-a powerful remedy against sexual impotence

Such a phenomenon as the weakening of potency, today is familiar to every second man. The prevalence of the problem is mainly due to the modern way of life of the stronger sex. Constant stress, mental and physical activity, poor nutrition, alcohol and nicotine abuse, non-compliance with the normal mode of the day and other factors lead to a decrease in sexual power and a gradual progression of impotence.

In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, various means and methods are used. Among the wide range of drugs to restore potency one of the best recognized drug Cenforce 150 mg https://cenforcemed.com/side-effeSelect Filescts-fildena-100/ , containing sildenafil. It is also known as Kamagra, Edegra, Viagra professional (similar to original).

What is the difference between Cenforce 100 mg and Sildenafil?

cenforceThe active component of sildenafil-one of the representatives of the group of phosphodiesterase inhibitors type 5, which has a blocking effect on the enzyme and promotes the active production of nitric oxide. The latter is strongly released in the body in the event of sexual arousal and stimulates the expansion of blood vessels. As a result of this process, there is a more rapid flow of blood to the cavernous bodies of the genital organ and a natural erection occurs.

When there are problems with potency, this is a consequence of the fact that the release of nitric oxide is suppressed by type 5 phosphodiesterase. Sildenafil citrate is used to block the action of the enzyme FDE-5 and normalize the body’s response to sexual stimuli.

Cenforce 100 Intake and Warnings

Cenforce 25 en france
Cenforce 25 en france

Containing sildenafil tablets quickly cope with the manifestations of impotence, help to achieve a powerful and long erection, return men confidence!
Composition and form of issue

The drug with sildenafil is generic, which is produced in India by well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Cenforce 100 purple. The concentration of active https://cenforcemed.com/what-is-cenforce-professional-ed-pills-wiki/ substance in one tablet is 150, 100, 50, 25 mg in blisters. It is developed according to the formula used in the production of branded products. Contains additional auxiliary substances.

Is smoking safe after taking Cenforce 100 mg pill?

In comparison with Cenforce 25 from Pfizer Corporation, the sildenafil-based generic is quite affordable, so it is available to a wide range of consumers.
Action of preparation

Cenforce 100 directions begins to have an effect in less than an hour after application. The active component triggers the natural mechanisms of the body in response to sexual arousal, so the result is observed only in the presence of sexual desire. Saved about 4 hours, during which restores the ability to commit full sexual intercourse.

What happens when nitrates combine with the drug?

Cenforce 50The active substance Cenforce super active 100mg does not belong to hormonal, does not cause dependence, does not affect the General state of health, therefore containing its preparations are recognized not only effective, but also safe.

Buy sildenafil in tablets experts advise men who have problems with achieving an erection during sexual contact and its retention throughout the process. Also, the remedy is prescribed to persons suffering from impotence, that is, complete inability to lead a sexual life.

Is Cenforce 100 mg for women and children too?

The generic on sildenafil successfully eliminates both weak and expressed erectile function disorders provoked by various factors (psychological, organic, etc. ).

The drug is taken inside an hour before sex, washed down with water. It is not desirable to combine the product with alcohol and fatty dishes (this does not apply to the version of software and Professional).

How Cenforce 100 mg treats erectile dysfunction problems

The following are the factors in the presence of which to take sildenafil-containing tablets can not:

heart disease;
severe pathology of the kidneys, liver;
treatment with nitrate-containing drugs;
contraindication to sexual activity related to health;
the age of 65;
the age of 18;
individual intolerance of components present in the composition.

Where the ED drug should be stored?

Cenforce XXXBefore using the product, you should consult with a specialist and read the instructions for the drug.
Where to buy the drug

Dosage recommendation

Drugs based on sildenafil are available for sale in specialized online pharmacies of generics. On our website you can always order high-quality pills to raise potency at a reasonable price and delivery in the shortest possible time. A drug that has been proven for years and that can be trusted and proven to be effective is a drug containing sildenafil. Analogues Ukraine does not produce, but in the range of our online store offers a large selection of available Indian generics, which have the same effect and quickly restore sexual power!

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