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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Avanafil
Indication:Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging:4 Tablets in 1 Strip
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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What is Avana 50 Mg?

Avana 50 Mg is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5 inhibitor) that works by slackening muscles to extend the circulatory system to explicit body pieces. It blocks PDE5 in delicate muscle cells covering the veins providing the corpus cavernosum to the penis. It is one more medicine commonly used to treat erectile brokenness, and ordinarily a speedier acting remedy goes through the body quicker than most erectile brokenness drugs.
Avana 50 is typically required orally 30 minutes before sexual development, either regardless of food. It is endorsed that you acknowledge the most insignificant aggregate as possible as suggested by your PCP and contact your PCP for the right estimation. Make an effort not to take more than one piece of the medication every day. The medication is strong when there is a sexual inclination; an erection will not occur by taking a tablet. Contact an expert rapidly should your erection last longer than 4 hours, as erections getting through longer than 4 hours could hurt the penis.

What is the utilization of Avana 50 Mg?

In treating erectile brokenness, Avana 50 mg is a popular choice (ED). This condition is, at this point, the world’s most ordinary strength issue. Avanafil impacts one out of seven actually powerful folks, with 45% of models in men past 50 years of age.

How do the Avana 50 Mg pills work?

Avanafil’s action can deal with the eventual outcome of nitric oxide, which is made during sexual development and prompts an erection. The expedient effect is the fundamental benefit. Not at all like Sildenafil, which can make an erection that endures up to an hour, we’re examining 30-45 minutes here. For sure, even in the most outstanding periods of weakness or when clients are more settled, it can give a quality and reliable erection.

Reng Of Avana Tablet

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Avana 200 Mg
Additional Super Avana
Super Avana
Top Avana

What occurs on the off chance that you miss a portion or take an excess of Avana 50 Mg Tablet?

Missed Dose

Since this drug is simply taken on a case by case basis, the possible results of staying away from a piece are slim. Expecting that you’re taking this medicine reliably, acknowledge the missed portion while inspecting.

What are the Side impacts of Avana 50 Mg?

results of Avana 50 mg:

Back torment
Stodgy nose
Normal virus
Diminished vision
Hypersensitive responses
Hearing misfortune

What are the admonitions and safety measures of Avana 50 Mg?


Patients with a genuine reshaping of the penis, similar to angulation, cavernosal fibrosis, or Peyronie’s disease, ought to use this prescription with alert. Assuming this drug is utilized in patients with these circumstances, the risk of irreversible loss of sexual force is very significant. In view of the patient’s clinical situation, superseding with a sensible choice should be considered.

Heart diseases

In the event that you offer to some degree a touch of grace or vein issue, this prescription ought to be utilized with unbelievable caution. It isn’t empowered for patients who have had a respiratory disappointment, stroke, or risky arrhythmia inside the past half-year. On the off chance that your essential consideration doctor has provoked you not to partake in any sexual action given the extended risk of authentic heart coincidental impacts, you should not to take this medicine.


This medication could convey Priapism, a horrendous erection that perseveres through longer than four hours. Patients with sickle cell shortcoming, various myeloma, leukemia, real distortions of the penis, and various circumstances will undoubtedly encourage Priapism. Priapism can truly hurt the penile tissue similarly as a lack of sexual strength. Thusly, this medication ought to be utilized with ludicrous alarm in patients who are leaned to Priapism. Any occasion of Priapism should be accounted for to an expert as fast as far as possible, and emergency clinical help should be searched for.

Loss of vision

This prescription can cause a lack of dream in one of the two eyes, and it could similarly hurt your ability to perceive colors. In this manner, it ought to be utilized with crazy caution in patients with retinitis pigmentosa, an exceptional genetic retinal sickness that puts them at a more serious risk of vision setback. Expecting you cultivate any of these indications, quit taking this medication and tell your PCP right away. In specific conditions, dependent upon the clinical case, superseding with a fitting choice may be required.

Loss of hearing

This solution could provoke a sudden loss of hearing limit, similarly as a murmuring or ringing sensation in the ears. In the event that you cultivate any of these appearances, quit taking this medication and prompt your essential consideration doctor right away. In specific conditions, dependent upon the clinical case, superseding with a proper choice may be required.

Risk of secondary effects

In smokers, the more seasoned, and patients with coronary disease, diabetes, hypertension, beyond preposterous cholesterol, and so on, the risk of hostile effects is basic. An alarm ought to be practiced in such circumstances, and patients ought to be educated as needs are. While having intercourse in the wake of taking this cure, a couple of delayed consequences like wooziness, deadness, disorder, pain, and others could make.

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Capacity Information

Extends the circulation system in the penis to keep it in a raised position.
The prescription needn’t bother with any extra work for limit.
It tends to be used for treating fruitlessness.
The medicine makes no certified auxiliary impacts.

General FAQs

Q: How long does Avanafil stay in your system?
Sildenafil requires roughly 30 minutes to become dynamic and has a four-hour length. In only 15 minutes, Avanafil 50mg (Avana) can start working, and the effects can persevere up to 6 hours.

Q: Is Avana 50 mg truly going to be open over-the-counter?
Avanafil 50mg isn’t open at commonplace prosperity/pharmacies, and it should be gotten with certifiable medication from a specialist or other clinical consideration provider.

Q: What estimation of Avana could it be fitting for me to take?
Your essential consideration doctor will empower you on how much and when to take Avanafil. Avana 50 mg should be required 15 minutes before s*xual activity, and Avana should not to be required basically once or twice consistently. If principal, your essential consideration doctor or clinical consideration provider could change your part.

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40 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 80 Tablet/s


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