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Fildena 200mg®

Fildena vs viagra

The drug Fildena 200 first announced itself in the pharmaceutical market more than a decade ago and now confidently occupies a leading position in its field. This generic has become one of the first drugs that can almost instantly cause an erect condition in all males, regardless of age. Such a discovery was a real shock for the scientific world and for ordinary consumers. For several years, the popularity of Fildena 100 mg has greatly increased, because the pills have helped many men who have already lost hope for a normal sex life.
Fildena 200mg instruction: how and when to use

Fildena 200 is necessary to buy for those who need therapy of different types of impotence, rehabilitation of erectile function, increase of degree of sexual attraction, restoration of full life in the intimate plan. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological and physiological factors. The above tablets eliminate any kind of impotence. They can be used by men of any age (from 18 years).

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For the onset of the effect, it is necessary to drink the medicine in the prescribed dosage an hour before sexual contact. Do not forget that due to eating significantly slows down the rate of spread of the substance through the body, as well as reducing its overall effectiveness. If there are no digestive problems, it is better to use the causative agent on an empty stomach. The second time you can take the pill after 24 hours.
Fildena 200: time of action of the drug

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Fildena 200 mg reviews indicate that the drug has an effect for 4-6 hours. During this time, a person can have several erect States, each of which will necessarily end with an orgasm. Naturally, it is possible to tighten one sexual intercourse for several hours, but it will tire not only you, but also your partner.

Fildena review

Almost all members of the stronger sex use one tablet of medication. This dose is enough to get rid of even the most severe form of impotence.
How does the Fildena 200 work?

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The causative agent acts on the principle of relaxation of smooth muscle tissues of the penis. The body uses nitrogen monoxide, which is released during sexual arousal. In this case, the process is often hampered by the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5. It decomposes the cGMP, and smooth muscles can not fully relax. With the help of generic blocked the work of PDE-5 and increased blood circulation in the penis. As a result, thanks to the drug, a natural stable erection is restored.

Side effects and warnings

How to use Fildena

As for the contraindications for the drug, almost all of them are standard. Thus, it is forbidden to use the medicine to women and adolescents under 18 years. To refrain from eating should people suffering from atherosclerosis, the open ulcer, multiple melanoma, spine injury, stroke, predisposition to priapism, deformation of the penis. If after receiving an allergic reaction, you need to urgently contact your doctor.

Along with any other effective pills to restore the potency of Fildena can affect the occurrence of side effects. Modern drugs are almost one hundred percent safe. But sometimes during the action people are faced with chest pain, dizziness, nasal congestion, a state of weakness, drowsiness.
Where can I buy the drug?

Fildena 100 mg from india

It is recommended to order the medicine only in those pharmacies and online stores that have received official licenses for sale. Otherwise, you run the risk of running into a low-quality fake, negatively affecting the health of men. Fildena 200 reviews are considered mostly positive. People really feel the positive effect of the use and get rid of numerous complexes. Fildena 200 price is almost the same as the cost of similar drugs.
What cities do you deliver goods to?

Fildena vs viagra reviews

The customers making orders in the online pharmacies, can arrange delivery at any Ukrainian settlement with the Department of New Mail. When ordering before 18.00 the goods will be sent on the same day.