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Eli 20®

Eli 20 tablets can be bought in our specialized online store.

In the current conditions of life and work, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain normal health. Very often in men it is the sexual system that suffers. Many representatives of the stronger sex complain about the lack of erection or the possibility of its retention.

Because of these problems, the General male condition worsens, depressed mood, apathy, depression become more frequent.

Luckily, pharmacology is not standing still and storefront pharmacies more and more filled up with drugs to improve potency. Eli 20 / 40 one with such drugs.
When and how to use:

Eli 20 comes in pill form. In each pill, a double dose of Eli 20, given this, you should start taking the drug with a minimum dosage, half a tablet (20 mg). To improve the effect, you can increase it to the whole tablet.

Drink the pill should be whole, without chewing, drink water. You need to use Levitra an hour before sex.

There are no contraindications to eating and combining with alcohol in small quantities.
Action time:

The drug acts from eight to twelve hours. During the action of the drug, the occurrence of an erection is one hundred percent. After ejaculation, it leaves the natural way.
How the drug works:

Eli 20 improves blood supply to male genitals by relaxing blood vessels. Thanks to the effective action of the component, you will get a perfect erection, the duration of sexual contact is significantly prolonged, the body quickly and easily recovers after each ejaculation.
Side effects warnings:

It is contraindicated to take the drug to people with kidney, liver, heart, incomplete, as well as in conjunction with similar drugs or nitrates.

For people with blood diseases before taking Levitra should consult a doctor.

Very rarely there are side effects, but sometimes they can occur in the form of General malaise, headache, nausea, redness of the face.
Where you can buy the drug:

You can buy pills on our website through the basket or order by phone. All information received about you is not disclosed to anyone.
In what cities are delivered goods:

Delivery of goods is possible in any point of USA.
Do you want to experience all the delights of life? You should buy Eli 20 and it will become possible.