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Alsigra / sildenafil 25mg | Alsigra 25

It is Worth buying Alsigra Alsigra-25, for beginners in the treatment of impotence. In this preparation, the most optimal dosage of Sildenafil, 25 mg. Exactly how much you need an active drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of the early stage.
When and how to use Alsigra 25 mg:

It is necessary to drink one tablet directly on the day of planned sexual contact. The drug begins to act within forty minutes after administration. The pill is washed down with water. Do not combine the drug with alcohol and fatty foods. They slow down the action, and reduce the effect.
Action time:

The duration of the active action for up to six hours. During this time, the male body is ready for repeated sex, with a duration of up to half an hour and an unforgettable orgasm.
How the drug works:

The active component of Conforma the same as the famous Alsigra – sildenafil. It saturates the blood with the necessary substances and relaxes the blood vessels to improve blood flow. The faster blood gets to the penis and an erection occurs.

Erection can occur only in conditions of natural excitation, Alsigra does not cause, but helps to manifest and preserve it.
Side effects warnings:

You can not combine the tool with similar to yourself, alcohol and nitrates.

Contraindications include age up to eighteen, diseases of blood, heart and blood vessels, and of course intolerance to components.

Side effects when taking pills is very rare, it may occur due to overdose or intolerance of pills. Such feelings have a weak character and short-term impact.
Where you can buy the drug:

Confort-25 can be purchased on our website at the most affordable price.
In what cities are delivered goods:

You can order the drug delivered to Ukraine to the door or to the office of the carrier.

Do not doubt the beneficial effect of the drug, because Alsigra-25 received only positive reviews.